About Abheet

Abheet betters the lives of individuals especially women &
young girls by helping them identify their potential through
health, livelihood, equity and self-esteem.

How Does Abheet Work?

We invest on raising awareness amongst people to improve their quality of life. With increased knowledge and confidence these trained people then empower their peers, families, and communities.



Health & Menstrual Hygiene


Financial literacy

Gender Inclusion

Did You Know?

[qode_workflow animate=”yes” line_color=”#000000″][qode_workflow_item image_alignment=”left” title=”1.” text=”Around 335 Million menstrurating women & girls face barriers to effective menstrual hygiene management due to various social & economic factors” image=”293″ circle_border_color=”#000000″][qode_workflow_item image_float=”yes” image_alignment=”right” title=”2.” text=”63% noncommunicable diseases now account for 63% of all deaths in India” image=”292″ circle_border_color=”#000000″][qode_workflow_item image_alignment=”left” title=”3.” text=”Women spend about 5 hours/day on unpaid care work while men devote mere 1/2 hour on average!” image=”291″ circle_border_color=”#000000″][/qode_workflow]